You Will Do Foolish Things.

You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.” 

This kind of foolish I’m talking about here is not wearing a BLACK HAT when it’s 💯 degrees outside like I am in this picture.

I’m talking ripping up the playbook, jumping in without a real plan or a safety net, and going full out straight on towards your goals.

Otherwise known as “messy action.”

I just did it when I launched, marketed and sold my workshop “What the F* Do I Say?” in THREE weeks.

Yes, you read it right, three weeks.

Now those of you who follow me know that I’m a huge student of all the marketing strategies. I study, execute, and even teach them and help my clients – like with organic messaging and basic funnels so they can legit have the foundation they need to $ell their services online.

But with WTF, I basically ripped up the playbook and dove headfirst into getting this idea going.

Because, well….. WTF, right?

The rational me said it was completely foolish – it wanted to keep me safe by playing small, playing predictable, coloring inside the lines.

But the real me said to do it anyway, take the chance, and do what feels GOOD.

So I did, and I have no regrets.

By diving in and going for it with limited time (understatement?) to get it done, I stretched, I grew, and I exceeded my own damn expectations. I’m in a completely different space than I was before I started – and 1000x closer to my goals.   [P.S. let me add that this was a little bit scary.]

So what this means for you is: Just do the thing that lights you up, that inspires you and makes you just a little bit afraid. This is the recipe for exponential personal and business growth. There are surprises outside of that damn comfort zone that you’ll only discover if you leap.

In fact, if you’re not a little bit afraid, then I question whether you’ll get the results you want.

And if you are looking for support along the way, I got you.

Faithfully yours,

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