Well, I’m happy to report that the first-ever round of WTF* Do I Say? is OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT!


I'm genuinely emphatically excited to serve these beautiful humans who are joining.


I know this work is going to have a HUGE RIPPLE EFFECT because when I empower my students to show up powerfully online with top-notch persuasion/influence/marketing skills, they will be able to help even more people than they already do.


<< And, I the AMAZING humans in there already are doing great work to help the planet and our fellow humans on it.>>


To say I'm grateful that I GET TO DO THIS, is an understatement.


So, thank you to everyone for all your interest.


I know many of you wanted to do this round and couldn't for various reasons. But don't worry -- because there has been so much interest, there will be more!!!!!


In other words, this will not be the last time you hear about WTF* or some iteration of it between now and 2020.


Stay with me, because I’m not sure exactly how it will look. But I’m cooking up some ideas. And when I cook, it’s always good. At least, that’s what my guests tell me. I’m an always changing, ever-evolving human (as I know you also are), So the next version of this workshop will most likely reflect that.


So I’ll be offering this again between now and the end of the year. I'll keep you all posted.


It will most likely still be a small container so that I can ensure intimacy because small groups are POTENT! I want to make sure that everyone gets the BEST EXPERIENCE possible and as much of me as they need. So stay tuned for news about the next round!!!


So..... Here we go! This is So. Exciting!

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