Write Your Own Book, Grow An Influence And Impact With Dr. Cindy Childress

Dr. Cindy Childress, The Expert's Ghostwriter

Dr. Cindy Childress is the Expert’s Ghostwriter.  Literally.

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, you’re going to want to listen in.  Especially if you’re a professional, personal brand owner, expert, coach and consultant, because writing a book is a super powerful way for you to grow your authority and your influence. And this is what today’s episode is all about.   

Cindy’s business, Childress Business Communication, took bronze for Most Innovative Company of the year for the Stevie Awards for Women in Business in 2020. Her clients go on to achieve bestseller status, give TEDx Talks and win book awards. Cindy has a PH.D in English from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. 

In the episode, Cindy gives so many great actionable tips, (I’m ready to start writing), she makes it sound so doable, you may be ready once you listen, too! 

We talked about how to organize book topics, how to come up with ideas for a book, how to use your existing material — including what you may have already shared in blogs or on social media. 

Cindy shared self-publishing tips, how to monetize the book, and the biggest challenge of time management – how do you make time to get it all done.  

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IG: @cindychildressphd

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