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ROAMHOWL CONSULTING:  “Leveraging Story and Mindset While Using Your Creativity to Build a Profitable Business and Life You Love”

If you are ready to access all of your talents and develop strategies that will transform your business, your art and your life so that you can create profitable work you love, I can help.

I help business owners, professionals, artists and entrepreneurs use all of their talents and skills to create profitable businesses and work they love.



  • Are you overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed-out with your work or business and feel that there must be something more, but you are not sure what?


  • Do you feel that your work does not authentically reflect who you really are or give you a chance to express yourself creatively?


  • Are you an artist who dreams of making money from doing what you love?


  • Do you dream of waking up every day and having work you love that does not feel like work?


  • Do you wish you were part of a community of like-minded souls who will support you and help step out of your safety zone and into the next phase of life that is waiting for you?


  • Are you ready to conquer your fears and take action towards creating the life and work of your dreams?


  • Do you wonder – can I do this??


Yes you can, and I will show you how.


In my Profitable Business and Creativity Program we will laser focus on unsticking you where you are stuck and creating a vision for the future that calls you powerfully into action. Once you nail down that vision, you will get tools for making it a reality.


Are You Ready to Begin?



In this 1.5 hour session, we will explore what’s going on in your life, the challenges you are facing, what is holding you back, and what your dreams are for your self and your business.

You will begin to create a vision for your future and your life, and receive an overview of tools you can use to start implementing immediately so that your dream becomes reality.

Email me at to book a business intensive strategy session today.

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 I have a limited number of spaces available each business quarter for consulting one-on-one with clients. Booking a strategy session is a prerequisite to participating in the program because we will explore if we are a good fit.

My consulting program is designed to:

  1. Identify the source of your dissatisfaction, where you are stuck, and vision cast your future, create an action plan, and start you moving towards your goals.
  2. Work on your “horse” via mindset exercises designed to increase intuitive abilities and eliminate resistance so that you enhance your creative talents, attract the right opportunities and achieve your goals.
  3. Remove creative blocks, embrace risk and failure, feel a renewed sense of excitement for work and creative projects.
  4. Provide social media tips/tools/resources to get you noticed and visible so your customers will find you.
  5. Practical business advice based on years of experience as an entrepreneur, lawyer, and artist (I know how to limit your risk, to head thorny legal problems off at the pass and how to get your creative work out there).
  6. Storytelling techniques to develop your brand and your business.
  7. Connection – how to powerfully communicate your message and connect with others so that you naturally draw people to you.
  8. You will get strategies, tools, resources to assist you in moving beyond your fantasy to creating the work of your dreams.

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Depending on where you are in your life and transformation, the Profitable Business Creation Program (PBCP) can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Are you ready to take action, overcome your fears, experience the work of your dreams with joy and ease, have the abundance that results effortlessly from being in alignment, feel inspired, motivated and alive?


YES! Then the Profitable Business and Creativity Program can help.


Sign up today for your strategy session by emailing me at 




Who I Am and What I Believe

I am an insatiably curious perpetual student of business, marketing and art. I have been on a transformational path my entire life. I have owned my own law firm for 25 years, grown a small real estate business, started start-ups, managed the careers of visual artists/film makers in Europe and the US, and made and internationally exhibited my own art. I have traveled the world and learned a lot along the way. To realize our fullest potential, I believe we need to invest in ourselves, study and train, train, train.   I don’t believe we ever finish the process of “becoming.” I am a warrior for personal development.


I also believe we need to bring our whole selves to our work – our masculine selves, our feminine selves, our right brain selves and our left brain selves, our creative selves and our analytical selves, our rational selves and our intuitive selves. I don’t believe that if we work as a professional or in business we are not creative, or that if we are artistic and creative that we cannot excel in business.


No. I am a walking talking living breath proof of my belief that by being fully developed humans and by using all of our skills and talents we can excel, compete, connect with and serve others best. We can do meaningful work, we can serve others, create enough money to support our desired lifestyle, and live a life we love.


To compete today and in the future, you need to be more than a one-dimensional hamster on a treadmill.   You need to learn to harness all of your talents and abilities in order to stand out at work, develop a business or personal brand, and get noticed so that people will buy your service, product and talent.


I know that you can build a life you love and leave a life that drains you.   It would be an honor for me to accompany you on your journey.


Peace + Love + Light,

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