Are you ready to create powerful messages
that aren't just on the money, but make you money, too?

Of course you are!

If you’re like most high achieving, high performing professionals I know who’ve been in business for a while, you know the rules of getting business and growing your influence are changing.

Today, more than ever, you need strategies and tools to help you communicate powerfully online.

I'm not talking internet famous.

I’m talking getting people to pick-up-the-phone-and-call-you famous.

I’m talking online content that makes coin.

Social media posts that make rain.

Messages that make money.

It’s totally possible to do this without negating your authority, scaring away your clients, or sounding salesy, sleazy or like you're selling out.

If you’re ready to growth hack your SELF and jump lightyears ahead of your competition into the 21st Century, but you don’t have time for a full blown course or “program” to learn the ropes,

if you want to cut to the front of the line,

if you want the white-glove treatment,

I have just the thing for you.

But first, let me ask you a few questions…

Does this sound like you?

You’re chomping at the bit to get started and you don’t want to wait. You want what you want and you want it now, like yesterday. You don’t have time for a course or a “program.” You pick things up real quick and you’re set on acing this like everything else you’ve done in your life.

You’ve been rocking it offline and you’re ready to rock it online. You want to learn the secrets to becoming irresistible online, if not more so than you already are #in_real_life.

You’re ready to step into the 21st-Century version of you, quickly dominate the online marketing landscape, and get the biggest possible results in the shortest amount of time.

You’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work.

1:1 Business intensive

I offer customized services for busy execs (and their teams) who want to get their social media and online marketing game on.

We’ll dive deep into creating exactly everything you need.

You present your biggest marketing challenges and I’ll provide ninja-like solutions, plus a game plan you can start executing now.

Maybe you’re already working with a social media agency, buying leads or you have some systems in place.

No worries: we’ll take this NEXT LEVEL, because let’s face it, there’s always room for improvement and more growth.

In these jam-packed, all-day sessions we cover:

1. Storytelling Essentials:   Story is the BEST way to connect with and convert followers to clients.  Together we’ll untangle yours, plus I’ll show you how to pierce through the left brain of your followers to get to the right brain where hiring/buying decisions are made.   

2. Powerful Messaging Frameworks:   Easy to follow and customizable content-creation prototypes, so you never again have to worry about what to say or how to say it.

3. Hypnotic Messaging Scheme:   Insider secrets the marketers aren’t telling you and that you didn’t know to ask!  Follow these tips and become subliminally persuasive in your content so that people will want to do business with you, before they even need you.   (**Hint: this will help you get what you want in life, in business and in courtrooms too.)

4. Brand Identity Blueprint:  We’ll uncover your mission-vision-values and infuse them throughout your online presence for maximum impact.

5. Nanosecond Distribution Lowdown:  Get an overview of the systems and processes you must have to attract leads like white on rice and then nurture them into clients on autopilot, so your brilliant content immediately starts working to grow your business.


"SHE HELPED ME CLARIFY A LOT OF THINGS THAT WOULD have never popped on my radar."

Speaking with Jennifer helped Amy Woods Butler realize what she needs to think about with her online presence & messaging!

"She is so keen on what your clients need to hear."

Listen to Christine Lee rave about how Jennifer really cares about her clients’ results and messaging.

"She understands human nature, which is important to dealing with + attracting human beings!"

Lisa Vaz wanted to make sure she was asking the RIGHT person about business questions. Jennifer’s legal background and understanding of brick-and-mortar business makes her a standout consultant in Lisa’s book!

"She takes all of the stress out of it."

Tiffany Carter needed to bring more fresh leads. Jennifer helped her automate Tiffany’s lead generation so Tiffany didn’t have to spend all her time talking about her services.


My day rate is $1,597 per individual plus one.  Group rates vary depending on the size of the group.   One payment of $1597 or two payments of $825.

The 6-hour trainings are conducted live virtually (via ZOOM) or in-person depending on what we can arrange.

Hungry for more?  

Existing customers can purchase packages of 3 additional hours for $749 for follow up, support with implementation and accountability.  

I reserve a limited number of these sessions each month for 1:1 work with clients.  My calendar tends to fill up quickly, so grab your session now.

These all-day sessions are a steal.

They are jam packed with so much valuable information that would take you hundreds of hours to consume and cost you many thousands of dollars to learn were you to start (like I did) from “scratch.”

I’m probably a little crazy for offering this, but I’m so excited about what I teach — information that will really make a difference in your business when you have the right person teaching and guiding you on how to use it.

This is an amazing opportunity to download some the knowledge and expertise I’ve honed through my 1:1 studies with social media influencers and world-class marketers, plus my three-decades long career as a trial lawyer and owner of a successful Los Angeles law firm. I truly believe that if you took away just ONE thing from our time together, it could make your business millions of dollars

In other words, you can't afford to sit this out.

If this all sounds like a yes, here's what to do next:

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation strategy session.  You can do that right here where you’ll be asked to complete a very short application.

Step 2. After you fill out the application, you’ll be taken to a page where you can select the time for us to talk.

Step 3. On the strategy call, we’ll make sure I can help you before you commit.

Step 4. Assuming all systems are “go,” I’ll send further instructions after the call.

Have questions? Just drop me an email me here:

It's time to go next level.
Allow me to show you how.