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  GIVE YOURSELF GRACE …. because sometimes it’s okTo not be sureTo doubt yourselfTo feel like an imposterTo be overwhelmedTo not take the leapTo not act like a boss. It’s ok if your chakras are blocked, if you feel disconnected from source. It’s ok if you feel out of alignment, disembodied, un-empowered. It’s ok to…

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​   I was the kid who spoke out of turn, who always said the wrong thing, who spoke my mind.   I was punished for speaking what others didn’t want to see, truths they didn’t want to face, secrets they didn’t want exposed. Sometimes the punishment was corporeal. Sometimes I was sent to my…

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“A Wild Thing May Say Wild Things.”

   “A Wild Thing May Say Wild Things.”   Do you self-edit? Draft and delete? Hesitate before hitting record or pressing send? Worry excessively what others will think if you truly speak what’s on your mind? Struggle to figure out how you can take that jumbled mess of your inner dialogue and turn it into…

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Well, I’m happy to report that the first-ever round of WTF* Do I Say? is OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT!   I’m genuinely emphatically excited to serve these beautiful humans who are joining.   I know this work is going to have a HUGE RIPPLE EFFECT because when I empower my students to show up powerfully online…

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DREAMS DO COME TRUE! For years, every day I suited up and showed up in a beautiful high-rise office building in Los Angeles and assumed I’d never have freedom to work from anywhere. I envied my “digital nomad” friends who were living the “laptop lifestyle.” A huge part of me wanted that too, but I…

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I Like To Get Dirty.

I like to get dirty. Literally, dirty. I like to go to the ranch, hug the animals, clean up after them, feed them, ride on the trail with my horse, get all dusty, sweaty, thirsty, hungry and exhausted. When I leave, if my clothes aren’t filthy I don’t feel like I’ve really done my “job.”…

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