Sometimes the simplest act of creativity is the most satisfying. 
It always feels good to make things. Even a pie. Even baking a pie is an act of self expression, for me. I make them for people I love, usually. When I’m lucky they let me have a bite.
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about creating. Not for me, but for others. I’ve always done that as a lawyer — teasing out the stories from the tangled mess of drama, psychic pain and personal histories, imperfect recollections, the detritus of what happened. I’ve been busy combining these ingredients into something that makes sense, resonates, makes someone feel.
I am a maker a doer a writer a speaker a listener a dreamer an image creator. But mostly I’m a story teller. I have been making sense of what is and what happened for other people, and for me, for decades. Yes, I’ve been busy mostly telling stories. I can teach you how to tell yours.


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