Do You Have Something To Say?

Do you have something to say? you bet you do! We all have an artist inside us waiting to express

Are Your Curious?

No matter how sad and awful and tragic the news is, no matter how unrelenting the violence, no matter how

When I feel a little stuck…..

When I feel a little stuck in one area of my work, sometimes to unstick myself I do something completely

Do I Own This?

I went to see the Norm Clasen exhibit at m+b gallery on Cahuenga in #Hollywood last night, super curious about


Sometimes the simplest act of creativity is the most satisfying.  It always feels good to make things. Even a pie.

It’s About Risk, Apparently

"I only recently started this podcast project.  There are a few more interviews I will be posting before I roll

The Three Joe’s

Not in particular order of any importance, there are three Joe’s inspiring me right now: Joseph Seeman:  the best spinning

Preparing to Launch…..

As I prepare to launch the first RoamHowl podcast episode, these are the ideas I’m having:  Event horizons; The shadow side;

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