When I feel a little stuck…..

When I feel a little stuck in one area of my work, sometimes to unstick myself I do something completely

Do I Own This?

I went to see the Norm Clasen exhibit at m+b gallery on Cahuenga in #Hollywood last night, super curious about


Sometimes the simplest act of creativity is the most satisfying.  It always feels good to make things. Even a pie.

It’s About Risk, Apparently

"I only recently started this podcast project.  There are a few more interviews I will be posting before I roll

The Three Joe’s

Not in particular order of any importance, there are three Joe’s inspiring me right now: Joseph Seeman:  the best spinning

Preparing to Launch…..

As I prepare to launch the first RoamHowl podcast episode, these are the ideas I’m having:  Event horizons; The shadow side;

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