Making Friends With Instagram


About 2 years ago, I first started using Instagram.I did not know what to do,so I posted mostly about art, 19th Century daguerreotypes, tintypesand old photos I had collected.I attracted about 200 followers, without trying,mostly people who also like antique photos. I knew some — but not all — of these people.

They would follow me, and I would follow back. @c – a total stranger — started liking these posts.

He commented on them.


He complimented me in comments.

He referred to me by my first name.

He made me feel like we knew each other.

He was kind.

He made me feel like he cared, like we saw the world similarly.

I looked up his profile. I followed him. I liked his posts, alot: vibrant, alive, colorful imagery.I commented on them, too.We went back and forth like this for a while.

Then I started roamhowl.I slowly rolled it out, and announced it on IG.In roamhowl, I openly share a lot about my struggles being “multi-talented,” and the struggles and triumphs of my multi-talented guests.


What happened next?

Many more follows, many more likes and a video From @c. A recorded message that I opened slowly and savored

like a present under the x-mas tree.

Finally, a voice to go with the posts!

a beautiful gem of an audio message

expressing thanks and encouragement.

It Meant Everything.

@c was suddenly, vividly much more human to me.

More personal communications followed.

And now I have a true friend, @c.

He lives in London.

He is not well.

He struggles with a debilitating illness

there is no cure for.

He is not posting lately because he is too ill, but I miss him I miss his art I worry about him although we never met “in person.” I messaged him: he is too ill to post, he says, but he thanked me for my message.

I am deeply affected by this man.

Our friendship is proof of the power of social media, its ability to connect, touch, move and inspire us, if we are

brave enough to show

who we really are.

My friend @c has everything to do with this journey I am on discovering how to use this powerful medium to its fullest potential. I will always be grateful to him.

But mostly, I want him to FEEL BETTER PLEASE.