It’s About Risk, Apparently

"I only recently started this podcast project.  There are a few more interviews I will be posting before I roll this out and officially “launch” roamhowl.  Still, I already have noticed a theme airse during the few interviews I have conducted that I think is important to share. I have asked every guest the same question which is if you could do anything in your life differently what would it be?  Everyone says the same thing —  that they wish they had not waited so long to take a huge risk that led them to the place they are today.  Everyone says that if they had a “do over” they would not hesitate to make the bold moves in their lives that ultimately led to their happiness, that they would have not waited so long to make the leap. I feel the same  looking back at my own life.  How many times did I hold myself back from doing what I knew in my heart was the next thing I wanted to do, place I wanted to go, thing I wanted to try?  Too many.  I am not very risk averse but I have found that I am sometimes a bit too slow and deliberate in deciding to take the first step. I doubt and question myself.  I underestimate my competence, my strengths.  As I mature I move faster, and these calculations become easier and easier to make."


This article is an excerpt from a piece that I published on Medium.  You can read the whole piece here:

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