I Think We Make Art

All us humans are fundamentally creative beings. Every thing and every moment in our lives is the result of our creation. I believe we are that powerful, that our brains have the ability to create our reality. The trick, at least for me, is harnessing that machine and making it work – for me. I suppose you could say I’m in my head too much. Guilty. I am thinking all the time…. About what I do say plan intend. I think about the art I make, the things I write, the words I say. And I think about why I say them. And I wonder why I am driven to be this way, to make art, to write, to live this way. Why do you make art or do anything creative? Is it something you must do like it is for me? My creativity has rescued me countless times. It’s a refuge from inner and outer storms. At least that’s what I have discovered so far, so stay tuned: more on this soon as I evolve and change. Thank you #katherinebigelowfor your wise words and your creativity.