I Like To Get Dirty.


I like to get dirty.

Literally, dirty.

I like to go to the ranch, hug the animals, clean up after them, feed them, ride on the trail with my horse, get all dusty, sweaty, thirsty, hungry and exhausted.

When I leave, if my clothes aren’t filthy I don't feel like I've really done my "job."

I like to go to the beach and walk barefoot on the sand or on a dirt trail, get sprayed with salty sea water, have my hair be all a mess, and have to scrub the bottom of my feet clean when I get home.

I like to eat barbecue. With my hands. Corn on the cob covered with butter. Ribs dripping in barbecue sauce. Outside. When it's hot or cold. When it's windy.

Food tastes better when eaten outside.

I like to turn up the music really loud late at night, when it’s quiet outside, when I might wake the neighbors, and feel the drums, the bass, and sometimes sing along.

I clean up well. I actually enjoy smelling good.
I usually show up wearing high heels, eyeliner, long hair and nails.
I know how to use a fork and knife.
I’ve been told my manners are impeccable.

But underneath the polished exterior, the tom-boy wild-child who climbed and ran through the hills and fire trails of Laurel Canyon alone for hours, singing to herself and making up stories, is very much alive. So is the woman who really lived her 20s in her 40’s.

What bothers me the most about social media is how you hear so much lip service paid to the need to be authentic. Now, more and more, I see the proliferation of “vulnerable shares.” I’m over it. Especially the "warnings."

To me, that’s just more of the same ole same ole *ish.

What I find compelling, what draws me in, are the posts that are raw and real,
that don’t read like they were crafted by a professional copywriter.
That show me something I didn’t know about the creator.
That take me layers deeper into truly knowing that person.
That celebrates their differences, shares some secrets.
These are few and far between.

Are these posts easy to create?

But are they effective in building a deeper relationship with your followers?
You bet.

Do they take courage to release them to the world?


It’s easier to do all this when you have a safe container, tools, encouragement, accountability,
This is just part of what my 4-week workshop “What the <BLEEP> Do I Say?!?” provides.
That with good old fashioned frameworks and high-level influence and persuasion skills thrown in the mix for good measure.

We start on August 26th. Join us.

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