How To Launch And Market A Product Online Even If You’ve Never Sold Products Online Before With Kerrie Fitzgerald

Kerrie Fitzgerald and Jennifer Gardner on the Roamhowl Podcast

If you’ve ever dreamt of selling a product and wondered how you could do it online, you’re not going to want to miss this episode with ecommerce expert Kerrie Fitzgerald. Or, if you want to listen in as we geek out on all the ways to market your products and services online, this episode is for you!


You listeners already know that I am all about entrepreneurship and creativity and I absolutely love combining them with technology.  The online business world has intrigued me so much to the point of near obsession!


And in my online business adventures I’ve met some of the most inspiring, intelligent, evolved and ambitious well-rounded people.  What I so enjoy about them is not only that they are good at coming up with ideas, but damn are they good with with following through and executing on those ideas and acquiring the technical skills they need to make their ideas a reality.


My friend Kerrie Fitzgerald who’s on today’s episode of the Roamhowl Podcast is one of these.   Kerrie is such an inspiration to me. She’s typical of the successful online entrepreneurs I’ve come to know.


Kerrie started a subscription box service and sold it for boatloads of money not long ago, and now she teaches other people who want to start subscription box and e-commerce product based businesses how to sell their wares online.


Kerrie is a total whiz at SEO search marketing, how to use Pinterest and social media to market your products, how to build websites and all the things you need if you want to leverage technology to grow your business.


If you’ve ever wondered what’s involved in selling products online, you definitely want to listen in.  We talk about the steps to creating a winning strategy for launching, marketing and growing a product-based business.


I guarantee you’ll learn something and be inspired even if you’re a professional or service provider or any other kind of business.  The ideas Kerrie and I discuss apply TO ALL BUSINESSES!

Enjoy the podcast!


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