How I’m Making Sure That Dying Young from Cancer Is Not My Story.


Maybe some of you know that I’m the only one to survive this long in my immediate family without being diagnosed with or dying of cancer. 

My father passed when I was 30 after a long battle.  My sister passed her early 40’s from brain cancer.  My mother is a survivor.  

This has had a huge impact on how I live my life.

It takes a lot of mindset work to not believe that their story isn’t my story too.

Of course, my doctors watch me like hawks and order uberspecial super-duper new and improved ultra-deluxe testing of all the things all the time. 

I just booked my 3-D mammogram appointment yesterday and the soonest they could squeeze me in is November 30th.  This means that I’ll be five months overdue for this test. 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous, but that’s counterbalanced by my belief that I was busy being happy, creating, serving, communing, learning and otherwise enjoying my life – so much so, that I didn’t have time to make the appointment until now.  And I think all those things are the best medicine for the soul, and the body.

In 2017, many of you witnessed me take a drastic turn away from working only as a trial lawyer to diving deep into the online marketing world.  

I was determined to go full-on towards my passion because I was “two for two” that year — I won two back to back trials and two biopsies.

The biopsies were negative.  But they fueled my urgency to create a new way to use my skills — one that wouldn’t be so taxing and draining on my physical body as lawyering  is.  My difficulty is that I care so much for my clients that I physically feel their stress and my own.  

That amount of stress will kill you.

So, now I’m launching a course which contains a culmination of years of personal exploration and development, countless civil and criminal trials, and immersion in the psychology of influence and persuasion as practiced by lawyers, actors, politicians and social media influencers.

Master these skills and you can sell anything to anyone, anytime, anywhere (and by that, I mean online and off).

I’m intrigued by what makes people magnetic and charismatic, 
what makes great trial lawyers great, 
what makes influencers influential, 
what makes a political movement or winning politician….. 
why we buy and
why it is that some people light up the room.  

I love this shit. 

But here’s the deal:
YOU also need these skills to thrive in the digital age.  

Because nowadays, the primary way we get to make a first impression is through our digital content.   

And if you’re not online (ah-hem, I’m including social media here) 
your potential client will wonder why and in a nano-second go on to clicking on the next guy or gal who is, and forget about you.

My goal is to empower you with an understanding of how to create epic content so that you stand out from the noise, 
are memorable, 
effortlessly attract new customers and clients and

grow your businesssimply by being more of who you are – even if you are socially awkward, introverted and camera shy. 

I practice what I preach.  By the time a client reaches me, they are certain that they want to hire me.  
I don’t have to “close” anyone.  
I turn away business.  
I can pick and choose.  
I no longer stress over where the work will come from.  
And most of the time I spend no money on ads or lead generation, and zero on SEO.

Talk about empowered. 

I want this for you too.

I’ve broken down into three main categories and eight corresponding modules how I make this happen.  

I learned from the best. 
And now I’m passing this on to you.  

“What the F* Do I Say?!” will transform you from overwhelmed at the thought of using social media and digital platforms to grow your business, to being confident and magnetic online.

You’ll learn what the marketers don’t tell you that you didn’t know to ask about how to create posts that convert lookey-loose into paying clients. 

I know so many of you despise social media, the fakeness, the pretentiousness, the time waste.   

I hear you. 

But, like it or not, your financial future requires that you learn a new skill set. 
The nature of the medium demands that we work on our mindsets so that we’re not stopped by self-sabotaging thoughts that limit our greatness. 

Do it in your own way.
I can show you how.

I am boldly stepping into the future and I hope to bring you with me. 

There’s a waitlist for WTF* Do I Say. Seats are limited so that I can ensure the best experience for my students.

Class starts in December so by January 1st you’ll be well on your way to learning what you must know to kill it online in 2020. 

Doors to enrollment are opening soon. 

Get on the waitlist now so that you don’t miss out on important announcements and several valuable bonuses that I’ll be offering for early registrants.   

You can sign up here:

And of course, feel free to direct message me if you have any questions. 

Let’s do this.



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