…. because sometimes it’s ok
To not be sure
To doubt yourself
To feel like an imposter
To be overwhelmed
To not take the leap
To not act like a boss.

It’s ok if your chakras are blocked, if you feel disconnected from source.

It’s ok if you feel out of alignment, disembodied, un-empowered.

It’s ok to lose your voice, to draft and delete, to never click send,
to say the wrong thing, or not know what to say at all.

It’s ok to worry about the how
and have no idea
what your future self would do or say.

And it’s ok to find yourself in the wrong class or at the end of the line, to not understand everything all the time.

It’s ok to show up late,
It’s ok If you can’t do all the things,

and it’s ok if you’re not farther along than you thought you’d be by now.

It’s ok if things go sideways,
if your journey is curve-linear
And you can’t tell upside-down from right side up.

All of this is OK.
All of this is temporary.

And you can do this anyway.

In fact, you will.

And so it is.


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