Roamhowl Podcast 2.0 Cover Art

Roamhowl is BACK after a long hiatus with a renewed focus and mission -- exploring a new paradigm of business that’s more intuitive, authentic, ethical and connective, and empowering you to create magnetic marketing content and the systems you need to attract new clients and customers. 

In today’s introductory episode, Jennifer Gardner reflects on 

  • how the last year has changed how many of us feel about doing business and marketing on social media,
  • techniques for energy protection and social media “hygiene,” 
  • the power of the energy behind the content we create and consume, 
  • how to insulate yourself from toxic messaging, 
  • the end of the era of unbridled social selling based on fake friendship and other unethical marketing tactics,
  • the power of social media as a tool for social and personal change, and 
  • other topics related to being a 21st Century Business Owner.  

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