Episode 021: Producer of The Creative Impostor, Andrea Klunder on Podcasting, Yoga and Entrepreneurial Imposter Syndrome

“I don’t want you to be jealous of my podcast — I want you to have your podcast and I want your podcast to be the envy of everyone else.~Andrea Klunder

In this episode, Jennifer and Andrea, producer of The Creative Impostor podcast, peel back the curtain a bit on what it’s like to work together on producing RoamHowl. Andrea shares the secrets behind her multi-faceted, multi-passionate career; how she went from singing opera to teaching yoga and meditation to producing podcasts and teaching others how to do the same; and how to deal with failure in your creative work and business.


Andrea Klunder is the Producer & Host of The Creative Impostor Podcast, and creator of Podcast Envy and The Creative Impostor Studios, the vehicle through which she helps she helps creative visionaries to use the power of podcasting as a tool for connection, storytelling and being seen via your authentic voice.

In 2017, she launched Season 1 of Power Your Story, a podcast made for students by students at a high school for students with diverse learning challenges in Chicago.

Andrea is a meditation facilitator for startup companies & creative individuals, the founder of Peace & Play Yoga for kids and grownups and the founder of the Chicago Women’s Creative Collective, a community for women who make things: art, books, blogs, podcasts, theatre, films, websites, businesses, food and any other creative endeavor you can imagine!

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And so these seemingly random shifts in course and experiences over time, when you look back, suddenly become useful as to how they propelled you to the next thing.” ~Andrea Klunder

Connect with Andrea

Andrea’s Website
The Creative Impostor on iTunes
Andrea’s Podcast Envy podcast launch program
Power Your Story podcast (produced by Andrea’s high school students)

Connect with Jennifer 

Email me here

I am also on the web at and you can read about my approach to practicing law.

Mentioned in this episode

Kimberly Wilson (Yoga business & Tranquility du Jour podcast)
Joel Sharpton (Audiobooks)
Elesa Commerse
The Creative Impostor Podcast Interview with Beth Santos

Highlights from the Episode

-How Jennifer and Andrea got to know each other digitally by collaborating on the creation of RoamHowl and their shared love for focusing on quality in their work

-Andrea’s new program she’s launching, Podcast Envy

“There’s so many people who have this great idea… but then they get tripped up on something like technology or editing… and so I wanted to create a service to help people have a quality, professional show from the beginning.”

-How Andrea got started with yoga and meditation because it was something she needed to keep her mind from spinning out of control with ideas and the desire to excel at everything

“Yoga was my gateway drug to a healthier lifestyle.”

-Andrea’s first foray into entrepreneurship with a yoga studio she ran for 5 years and then closed, ending in financial, spiritual, and emotional bankruptcy

-How Andrea discovered podcasting through Kimberly Wilson’s show, Tranquility du Jour, by recommendation of a friend

“I started listening to all these different podcasts… and all these different people doing this amazing thing and I thought ‘I can DO that!'”

-Andrea’s background in vocal music performance, opera, and theatre and how her freshman year of college drained the passion and the joy out of singing, and so she shifted to broadcast communication and learned how to work behind the scenes to create content

-How Andrea’s varied past in performance, voice, mindfulness, yoga, and broadcast technology became the perfect platform for her new found passion of podcasting

“These things have a way of moving in waves and circles, and interconnecting in ways you can’t really predict.”

-How to find the balance between doing what you love and your passions becoming work without creating extensive stress

-The possibility of creating additional financial income by producing audiobooks for authors, inspired by Joel Sharpton

-The heart and soul behind RoamHowl and “finding your pack”

“As somebody who wants to do strive to do new things and be creative and think outside the box and find new ways of doing things, there are a whole lot of people out there who have no interest in that, or it terrifies them.”

-How imposter syndrome, the feeling that you’re a total fake, fits into podcasting, and how your “creative impostor voice” may try to talk you out of doing new things

-Why Andrea loves LISTENING to podcasts

-How being fully immersed in something creative, both with others and by herself, makes Andrea feel most alive, especially when traveling or on retreat

-The biggest influences on Andrea’s life are her teachers and her parents because they support her in elevating her to the next level in whatever she’s doing at the moment

-Failure and success and measuring accomplishment based on the impact her work is having on other people

-Sacrificing your idea of security and certain relationships to follow the path of entrepreneurship

Finding the balance between loving your work and being paid to do something that you love doing, but not to the point where you’re so stressed out about making your livelihood by doing that thing that you love, to the point where it becomes unenjoyable… that’s where I am right now.” ~Andrea Klunder

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