Episode 020: Tutu Project Co-Creator Linda Lancaster Carey on Death, Life, Vulnerability and Creativity

“I have to be creative. It’s part of my soul"~Linda Lancaster Carey

In this episode, Jennifer and Linda Lancaster Carey go deep. It’s difficult not to -- they have been friends for a long time. And Linda has survived an aggressive, advanced form of breast cancer for 10 years.

They talk about death, life, vulnerability, creativity, supporting other people’s creativity, and what it’s like when you have been on chemotherapy for 10 years.

Linda says:  The single most important creative act she does every day is stay alive.

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"I should take a life drawing class… because that is when I’m most at peace… it’s a very good zen, get away from my life kind of feeling." ~Linda Lancaster Carey

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Highlights from the Episode

How Linda originally lost her own sense of personal creativity when she took on the role of producing for her husband, Bob Carey’s photo studio

The ping-pong game of intention between: Do you do art to sell it, or do you do art for your own work?

The role of art as therapy and how Linda used sketching and journaling to help heal herself by self-expressing the dark thoughts that come up

How Linda sets limits and holds herself back in her role as producer because she doesn’t want to shape or alter Bob’s vision for his work as an artist

[The Tutu Project} is a global brand now and I don’t want him to take pictures just for other people. I still think it’s a great way for him to express himself, for self-therapy… because our life is still crazy.

Defining creativity not just in terms of art, but in terms of living and staying healthy day to day, and expressing gratitude for being 10 years out from a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer with a prognosis of 2-3 years life expectancy

The importance of connecting with other people who understand what you’re going through so that you don’t have to always be thinking about and explaining it

How Linda is living her purpose by helping other people through her work and through the Tutu Project -- until now she has always been more behind the scenes and is feeling a desire to step out and share even more vulnerably about her experience

Sometimes I think… If I’m so lucky, why do I get stressed out and why do daily things that happen bother me sometimes? And then I think… Well that’s kinda silly -- why wouldn’t they? Just because I’m alive doesn’t mean there’s not going to be distractions in my life!

The necessity of creating personal art just for yourself and navigating how much to share publicly vs what to keep private about her personal experiences with cancer

Taking risks by seeking out opportunities to open yourself to the rawness within your experience in order to connect with an inspire others to do the same

Saying YES to speaking engagements even though they terrify her because it can’t possibly be worse than the fear she has faced with her disease

Some days I don’t want to deal with cancer... You know, I’ve got a life here and I want to live it.

What Linda loves most about her life is that she has access to incredible people and events through their business and Bob’s speaking engagements -- how open her life is to the world

Linda’s advice is to listen to your heart AND always have a strategy

"As I’m an inspiration to people with cancer, I want to be an inspiration to others that follow your dream.

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