Episode 013: Gutsy Glorious Life Coach Lin Eleoff on Covering Your Assets and Redefining Success

“I really do think success is not having any regrets."
~Lin Eleoff

Jennifer Gardner interviews lawyer and coach Lin Eleoff about internet business law, the DIY Legal Toolkit, masterminds, redefining success, personal growth and her Gutsy Rulebook for learning how to live your life by your own set of rules.

Lin Eleoff is an internet business lawyer and personal and business coach who helps women step up, show up, and (most importantly) "woman up!"

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"We have to woman up and take care of that little girl inside of us who still has dreams as big as the sun." ~Lin Eleoff

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Highlights from the Episode

The story of how Lin & Jennifer connected, plus the origin of the name “RoamHowl”

Lin's first career was broadcasting  -- she even wrote a letter to a local television station at age 11 saying she could "help them out" and asking for a job.

Lin's motto - “no excuses, no regrets!”

"Years from now, when I look back at my life. If I have a regret or I’m making excuses, then I will have disappointed myself." ~Lin Eleoff

How Lin had no desire to work for a big law firm with small kids at home -- she wanted to start own practice but saw what her colleagues in private practice were going through and realized she didn’t want to run the office — she just wanted to practice law.

The "gaping hole" she saw in the market where online entrepreneurs didn’t really know how to protect themselves in terms of "internet law," intellectual property, contracts, privacy, etc.

Lin's DIY Legal Toolkit as an answer to the following observations:

"People are 1) afraid to hire a lawyer, and 2) think they don’t need to." ~Lin Eleoff

Lin's passion for supporting women in building their online businesses from scratch and answering their inner 6-year-old who has big dreams of changing the world.

Deep insight into Lin's coaching process - take away everything except the facts — separate from the drama and emotion - and then from there you can decide what to do.

How challenges in life and work can be looked at as “AFGOs” - another freaking growth opportunity.

The power of groups and masterminds.

How Lin uses online marketing to find her dream clients clients.

"I get up in the morning and literally I skip to work — which is just a few feet down the hall on the right. It’s great!” ~Lin Eleoff

Lin's coach training with Martha Beck and how that led her to "...figure out a new way to be a lawyer.”

Chris Ducker's advice to embrace everything you've done up to this point of becoming an entrepreneur and the repercussions of hiding those parts of ourselves, and not living our authentic truth.

Lin's Gutsy Rule Book for how she rewrote the rules we THINK are our rules, but are not — audit, rewrite and live by them.

Learning more from failures than successes.

The biggest piece of advice she wishes she'd had earlier in her entrepreneurial journey and Lin’s definition of success —  hint — it’s not about money or possessions

"I could never have charted this path. I could never have predicted it, but here I am and I just love what I’m doing." ~Lin Eleoff

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  1. Lynn Cole on June 4, 2017 at 9:23 am

    Hi, Jen. Long time no see. I am following you podcast and loving it. This one particularly touched me being an unconventional woman myself. Bacione from Italy!

  2. RoamHowl on June 16, 2017 at 6:52 am

    Hi Lynn! How cool! Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m glad you are enjoying it. I’m so jealous you are in ITALY!!! So good to hear from you. xo

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