Episode 005: Christy Sears and August Axel Jewelry Studio

“Escape into something you made with your own hands that is genuinely beautiful and put that out into the world.” – Christy Sears

Episode 005: Christy Sears and AugustAxel Jewelry Studio

In this episode, Jennifer interviews Owner, Senior Soldering Instructor, designer & fabricator at AugustAxel Jewelry Studio, Christy Sears.

“There has been a lot of self-doubt, a lot of fear and loathing plus high moments… all mixed in together along the road to redefining ‘What is success? What is my success right now in this very moment?’” – Christy Sears

Christy Sears – Augustaxel

Welcome to this week’s episode of Roam Howl. Today Jennifer welcomes Christy Sears to the show. Christy has amazing optimism, spirit and energy and shares herself honestly. She is inspiring because she has emerged from being a behind the scenes executive in a high powered Los Angeles advertising agency and has become not just a maker of beautiful jewelry but also a teacher.

Christy’s Passion Takes Root

Christy has been in advertising as long as she can remember. When she moved to California, she didn’t know anyone and needed something to take up her free time besides work. She lived close to a bead store and began making some jewelry.

Soon after, Christy was introduced to a metalsmithing class at Otis College. Here she got her first torch in her hands and discovered the craft of engaging her hands and her mind at the same time while combining metals.

Creating Her Own Place to Teach

An opportunity arose at a local bead store to teach soldering in Santa Monica, CA. That’s where her teaching path began. Unfortunately the store closed but this led to an amazing opportunity for Chisty. She soon opened a studio of her own where she teaches everything from beginning soldering to stone setting and alternative casting.

“Our parents sold us a bill of goods that’s good we don’t have to follow. We don’t have to slowly die sitting behind a desk in a cubicle of death.” – Christy Sears

When Christy was an account manager, she dealt with the clients and had to brief the creatives and keep them on track. She was in more of a management role than a creative role. She felt like the artist in the shadows. She understood what the creatives were saying and doing but she was never one of them.

Christy was dissatisfied with this. She wanted to be more involved in the creative aspect but was viewed as just the account manager.  This became a struggle to manage egos and not just hers.

To hear the rest of Christy’s story about success outside of a cubicle, download and listen to the entire episode:  Chirsty Sears – Augustaxel.

Contact Christy Sears – Augustaxel:

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If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of Christy Sears – Augustaxel:

Christy’s background story (2:57)

Right brained vs. left brained (7:00)

The awful cat and Augustaxel (11:40)

Redefining her success? (21:55)

Self-limiting beliefs? (33:20)

Importance of mentors? (39:14)

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More Highlights from this Episode:          

From advertising to beading to metal smithing to teaching  (3:00)

Left brain/right brain integration – the struggle of thinking creatively in an account management role in the advertising industry (6:50)

How Christy named her business after her dead cat and a particular experience in college (11:33)

The big move from Texas to LA, working in direct mail for Honda, why she stayed in that job for 13-14 years, and how she eventually got“the cosmic boot” (14:30)

The doubt and fear that crept in while trying to “make it work” after being laid off from advertising (19:05)

The paradox of working so you can pay someone to raise your kids while they have kids of their own to raise and on finally leaving her corporate job to start her own business and have more time with her children (21:00)

Teaching vs making — what’s more satisfying? (27:30)

The blessing and the curse, the sacrifice and cost of being multi-passionate and following many interests — redefining success (29:50)

Creating a learning path & business model so that you don’t end up with a bunch of “torch-weilding frustrated artists” (31:30)

Self-limiting beliefs & how to deal with them (33:22)

Biggest teaching moment in Christy’s life (34:45)

Learning to ask for help (36:55)

Pushing herself every day — not confusing motion with progress (37:26)

Appreciation for her husband and family (38:15)

Getting stabbed in the back and wishing she had had more mentorship (38:50)

Christy’s advice for people who are just starting out on their career path (40:35)

How you can connect with Christy Sears and August Axel Jewelry Studio:

August Axel Website

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