Episode 001: Introduction to RoamHowl with Jennifer Gardner

“I have always been curious about the world and people in it.  I am endlessly fascinated by people I know, people I wish I knew, people I know who I want to know better.”

Hello and welcome to RoamHowl, a podcast with inspiring conversations with and stories about exceptionally talented and multi-talented people.  I’m Jennifer Gardner, your host.  With this podcast, I plan to  explore and share the stories of fascinating people – multi-talented high-performers and trail blazers working in the arts, music, entertainment, sciences, technology and professions, with an out-of-the box — or “no box” — approach to life and work.  Who are they and how did they get where they are today?

WHY ROAMHOWL?   I have always been curious about the world and people in it. I am endlessly fascinated by people I know, people I wish I knew, people I know who I want to know better.   For many years now, I have worked as a trial lawyer.  I specialize in discovering and then telling my client’s stories in an emotionally resonant and powerful way. I have also been entrepreneurial, dabbling in real estate and the internet. I also have this immutable creative side – for example, I have created and shown photographs around the world.

You might say that I am a perpetual student of life and the arts. I love learning new things, especially new forms of artistic expression and communication.   Living in LA, in heart of Hollywood no less, I am surrounded by so many super talented people, many of whom I have the pleasure to know.   When I look around me, there are so many super smart and talented people excelling at so many interesting things. And I am quite simply inspired and intrigued by these people, especially about how they approach their lives and their work, how they combine the two, how they got to where they are today, and how they use both side of their brains.

And this is why I created RoamHowl.  It gives me a great excuse to ask people a lot of questions about themselves, which is a favorite thing of mine to do, and it gives me the opportunity to share that information with you, another thing I like to do. The concept is I want to explore and share what these fascinating, talented people have to say about themselves, and how they go about living their lives and doing their work, whatever kind of work it is.

I also consider myself multi-talented. I do a lot of things. I do artsy things, I do intellectual things, and I am always surprised that so many people who meet me are surprised that I do.   And I suspect there are people out there who think they can only do one thing – the main thing they are doing, whatever that is. I’m here to say no, look over here and see how many different kinds of things these people are doing.   We can all learn from them. We can all learn from each other.

I once dated a judge who told me that he could not have a relationship with me because I was too “out of the box.” I did not regard him as having serious romantic potential, so I found that to be a compliment.   But I’m intrigued with the idea of what if there was no inside of the box or outside of the box; what if there was no box?

And I like dogs. A lot. Packs of dogs roam around searching for sustenance and they howl to share information. That’s how I came up with the name for this podcast, in case you were wondering. I guess you might say I’m looking for a certain kind of informational sustenance, and I want to share what I find.

So, I hope you enjoy, and I hope you leave me comments and suggestions for stories you would like hear, people you would like me to talk to, questions you would like me to ask.  You will find me on  @roamhowl on Facebook, @jenbgardner on Twitter, and   here  where you can email me.  I am also on the web at where you can read about my approach to practicing law here.   Maybe by listening we will learn something and be inspired to do the next creative, fun without a box thing in our own lives.

If you like what you hear, please review and subscribe to this podcast at iTunes.  you can also email me  and let me know your suggestions for people you would like me to interview, topics you would like to hear about, questions you would like me to ask.

Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy.

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