For years, every day I suited up and showed up in a beautiful high-rise office building in Los Angeles and assumed I’d never have freedom to work from anywhere. I envied my “digital nomad” friends who were living the “laptop lifestyle.”

A huge part of me wanted that too, but I couldn’t imagine how that could ever be possible for me, a hard-driving LA litigator who was running a civil, criminal and ALJ calendar.

It took intention and focus to turn that ship around, to shift my work and my business so that I could be more in control of my work and life and live it on my terms.

As I dove deep into transforming myself and my life from the inside out, I found that the change I craved was possible.

But it required new skills.
So I got busy and acquired them.

These skills have allowed me to not only make huge shifts in my business but also start attracting the work and clients I dreamed of. How I do this was (and is) a direct result of how I present myself online.

So if you are a high-achieving, high-performing professional, coach or business owner who is dreaming of creating a life and work you love, let me assure you:

You can learn how to attract amazing people-clients-customers who are a pleasure to serve, where you jump out of bed and can’t wait to “work.”

If this sounds like something you’d like to learn, I have a 4-week workshop, “What the <Bleep> Do I Say?” which is designed to help you fine tune your message so that you grow your business in the simplest of ways — by using your heart and your soul and your cell phone. I’ll help you unlock the secret to creating content that’s emotionally resonant to your dream clients.

You’ll know how to get your message out there in a natural and organic way so that the people who need you can find you without you having to retain pricey web developers or marketing agencies.

You’ll nail your message so that when you’re ready to amplify it with sophisticated paid marketing strategies, those efforts actually work!

We start August 26th so that you can go into Labor Day and the fall season with your GAME ON, and that much closer to making your dreams reality. DM if you’re curious for more details or book a call to explore whether this is a fit for you here:


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