I was the kid who spoke out of turn,

who always said the wrong thing,

who spoke my mind.


I was punished for speaking what others didn’t want to see, truths they didn’t want to face, secrets they didn’t want exposed.

Sometimes the punishment was corporeal.

Sometimes I was sent to my room, grounded, given time outs.

Grownups regularly warned me I had a “big mouth” that would get me into “serious trouble someday” if I didn’t “watch it.”

I would take the punishment and keep silently repeating my truth, nod my head as if I understood, while knowing deep inside that No One would change how I saw it and that this was #mytruth.

By sheer force of incredible will, I never shut down, disintegrated, or gave up. But it was a close call.

I grew up to have this insatiable need to express my true self, an unquenchable desire I couldn’t repress or deny, no matter how hard I tried or how difficult the circumstances. I did this through my work as an artist and a trial lawyer, the ultimate performance art.

I have deep psychic wounds around my need for self-expression, and a compulsion to do it anyway….
….a highly tuned radar for another’s pain,
heightened empathy,
and laser-precise ability to
see thru the bull****t to the bullseye of a situation.

I know how to use words to disarm and attack, to influence and persuade, and tell any side of any story so that you win your freedom or save your business.

I use words to get people to reach out and hire me to help them solve big complicated, scary problems.

I use words to grow and run three successful businesses.
I use words, and a handful of strategies, to get my (or your) way, plus a few other techniques that make giving me my way irresistible.

Words are power.

Words are magic.

Words are my lifeline. My livelihood. My salvation.

Words are my business.

They are yours too.

In the workshop I’ve been delivering the last month or so, “What the F* Do I Say?”, we start with the foundation to everything: YOU.

We begin by healing the wounds most of us have around being fully self-expressed so that you can then communicate in a way that transcends, connects, and gets you clients simply by being the most human, authentic, and fully self-expressed version of Your-Self.

Because then, once I teach you how to influence and persuade using your energy and your words, you will be unstoppable in your ability to connect with and convert leads into clients.

This work is not optional if you want to thrive in the digital age.

Because anyone who considers hiring you or your business is going to look you up online.
Your success increasingly depends on what they see when they do that.

You have a choice. You can decide to sit this out, or we can nail your message so that when people find you they automatically say – “I MUST WORK WITH [insert preferred pronoun here]!!”

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