Episode 006: Paul Loya, Paul Loya Gallery on Art & Business

“You can curate a room like this and have this kind of power of somebody?… from that point on I was like, “I want to put together art shows and change people’s lives.” – Paul Loya, on seeing Basquiat’s work in college Episode 006: Paul Loya, Gallery Owner on Art & Business In this episode, Jennifer interviews Paul Loya…

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Episode 005: Christy Sears and August Axel Jewelry Studio

“Escape into something you made with your own hands that is genuinely beautiful and put that out into the world.” – Christy Sears Episode 005: Christy Sears and AugustAxel Jewelry Studio In this episode, Jennifer interviews Owner, Senior Soldering Instructor, designer & fabricator at AugustAxel Jewelry Studio, Christy Sears. “There has been a lot of self-doubt,…

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Episode 004: Photographer Bob Carey and the Tutu Project

“My art was about diving into who I was by photographing my face and my head and my tears.” – Bob Carey of the Tutu Project Episode 004: Fine Artist and Commercial Photographer Bob Carey and the Tutu Project In this episode, Jennifer interviews Fine Artist and Commercial Photographer Bob Carey of  the Tutu Project.    Bob…

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Episode 001: Introduction to RoamHowl with Jennifer Gardner

“I have always been curious about the world and people in it.  I am endlessly fascinated by people I know, people I wish I knew, people I know who I want to know better.” Hello and welcome to RoamHowl, a podcast with inspiring conversations with and stories about exceptionally talented and multi-talented people.  I’m Jennifer Gardner,…

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