Episode 013: Gutsy Glorious Life Coach Lin Eleoff on Covering Your Assets and Redefining Success

“I really do think success is not having any regrets.” ~Lin Eleoff Jennifer Gardner interviews lawyer and coach Lin Eleoff about internet business law, the DIY Legal Toolkit, masterminds, redefining success, personal growth and her Gutsy Rulebook for learning how to live your life by your own set of rules. Lin Eleoff is an internet business lawyer and…

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Episode 012: Spiritual Counselor Barry Selby on Relationships & Self-Publishing

  “Relationships are a wonderful opportunity to grow… which is not what some people want.” ~Barry Selby Jennifer Gardner interviews bestselling author, speaker and spiritual counselor, Barry Selby, aka “The Love Doctor”, about relationships, the roles of feminine and masculine, self-publishing and the power of live streaming.     Barry Selby is known as The Love Doctor…

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Episode 011: My Struggle With Perfectionism

“I came down with a strong case of ‘someday syndrome’ — someday I’ll finish this project or that project and then I’ll put it out in the world, but ‘someday’ never came because I was waiting for it to be perfect.” ~Jennifer Gardner I’ve been practicing law for a very long time in a market…

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Episode 009: Artist Amanda Oleander on Live Streaming

  “You can talk to people from all over the world at the click of a button — this is like teleportation!” ~Amanda Oleander, on the magic of live streaming Jennifer Gardner interviews Amanda Oleander on her work, becoming a live streaming sensation on Periscope with over 500,000 followers, her love for supporting animals through her…

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