Being an Authentic Brand with Hilary Young

Today I have a very special guest on the podcast, Hilary Young. Hilary is a Brand Strategist whose expertise is working with brands to grow their businesses through strategic storytelling. She works with female business owners to define or redefine their brand identity.

Today on the episode we’re chatting about being authentic as a personal brand and what that truly looks like. Why it’s important to embrace your uniqueness to draw people into your brand. Creating a brand that stands for something, and even how to connect with your audience and community personally, without giving all of your personal life away on the internet.


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What Drives You To Create With Sagan Morrow?

Sagan Morrow is a Productivity Strategist for multi-passionate creatives and she and I for a little over a year have been live streaming a show called, The Creative Marketing for Non-Creatives. On the live stream show, we have very unscripted deep conversations concerning creativity and helping you market your business online. On the podcast, today…

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Roamhowl is BACK after a long hiatus with a renewed focus and mission — exploring a new paradigm of business that’s more intuitive, authentic, ethical and connective, and empowering you to create magnetic marketing content and the systems you need to attract new clients and customers.  In today’s introductory episode, Jennifer Gardner reflects on  how…

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