Episode 023: Love your work with David Kadavy, Author, Podcaster, Creative Disrupter

  “It’s a weird world today where if you really search for the truth, that’s the most contrarian thing you can possibly say.”“~David Kadavy David Kadavy is a Top 20 Amazon Author, the voice behind the Love Your Work podcast,  a contributor to several of my favorite publications including HuffPo, McSweeny’s Upworthy, someone I follow passionately…

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Episode 020: Tutu Project Co-Creator Linda Lancaster Carey on Death, Life, Vulnerability and Creativity

“I have to be creative. It’s part of my soul”~Linda Lancaster Carey In this episode, Jennifer and Linda Lancaster Carey go deep. It’s difficult not to — they have been friends for a long time. And Linda has survived an aggressive, advanced form of breast cancer for 10 years. They talk about death, life, vulnerability, creativity,…

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Episode 019: Coach Carly Palady on Transformational Stories, Impact and Influence, and Mapping Your Joy

“Don’t let the busy-ness get in the way of capturing the story… you don’t know if you have tomorrow.“~Carly Palady In a time of heaviness around recent events in Charlottesville and Barcelona, this interview with Carly Palady is offered as a healing balm of light, inspiration and uplifting energy. Teacher, therapist, coach, consultant and former…

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