Being An Authentic Brand With Hilary Young

Hilary is a Brand Strategist whose expertise is working with brands to grow their businesses through strategic storytelling. She works with female business owners to define or redefine their brand identity. Today on the episode we’re chatting about being authentic as a personal brand and what that truly looks like. Why it’s important to embrace your…

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What Drives You To Create With Sagan Morrow?

Sagan Morrow is a Productivity Strategist for multi-passionate creatives and she and I for a little over a year have been live streaming a show called, The Creative Marketing for Non-Creatives. On the live stream show, we have very unscripted deep conversations concerning creativity and helping you market your business online. On the podcast, today…

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Episode 023: Love your work with David Kadavy, Author, Podcaster, Creative Disrupter

  “It’s a weird world today where if you really search for the truth, that’s the most contrarian thing you can possibly say.”“~David Kadavy David Kadavy is a Top 20 Amazon Author, the voice behind the Love Your Work podcast,  a contributor to several of my favorite publications including HuffPo, McSweeny’s Upworthy, someone I follow passionately…

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