1.  If you need to reschedule... Please let us know as soon as possible.  Our calendars fill up quickly, so we would appreciate knowing in advance.

2.  To get ready for call.... Be in a place that is free from distractions and where you will be able to focus and have privacy so that there are no interruptions.  This way you will be able to make the most of your 45-minutes.

“Before working with Jennifer, I felt unhappy with my current career as a lawyer, but overwhelmed and unsure about how to go about changing it.  Working with Jennifer and being in her community changed my life!   It shifted my perspective and helped me get clear on what I want to create next for myself in my practice.  Now I am super clear about the direction I am going in – what I want for myself and my future – and I’m starting to create exactly the vision I created for myself when working with Jennifer.”

Yasmin K. Esq.

"Jennifer flips the idea that changing your business is difficult.  Within days of our second class, I was enjoying my daily work life without having made any changes to it.  My confidence had been suffering so my ability to draw in new clients suffered.  But Jennifer gave me the tools and the inspiration I needed to start marketing on social media, something I was terrified to do.  Since taking her workshop, my horse training business has grown by 25 percent.

Belinda A.

"Last year I hired Jennifer to help me understand and learn more about how I can use social media to grow my law practice.  Her information was instrumental in helping me set up my business facebook page and work on different kinds of posts to generate traffic to my page.  She encouraged me to set up and learn other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, which are now moving along.  Thank you Jennifer for giving me the confidence I needed to make this step forward in the growth of my law practice."  

Julie R., Esq.

“Earlier this year I was feeling stuck in my business and lacking confidence in  expressing myself in social media.  Then I had some terribly negative online reviews and I became really worried about being able to get new clients.  With Jennifer’s help, I was able to turn it around.  I learned exactly what to say and how to say it in social media.  I have been applying what she taught me ever since, and my business has taken off.  I have more of the right kind of client than ever before in my career.”

Robert C.

"Jennifer's kindness and knowledge are amazing! Thank you so much!"

Jessica M. T.