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Who I Am and What I Believe

I am insatiably curious.  I have been on a transformational path my entire life.  I have owned my own law firm for 25 years, grown a small real estate business, started start-ups, managed the careers of visual artists/filmmakers in Europe and the US, and made and internationally exhibited my own art. I have traveled the world and learned a lot along the wa

y.  It has been a rewarding, sometimes challenging, and always an exhilarating journey.

I also know what it’s like to feel dissatisfied, stressed out and overwhelmed, to be afraid of looking foolish by trying something new and of making a mistake, to yearn for a new and different experience of aliveness, to want to feel better, to want to make big changes and to not know where to start.

People always ask me how I have been able to accomplish so many things.  I think it is because of my curiosity and zest for learning, and self-discovery. To realize our fullest potential, I believe we need to i

nvest in ourselves, study and train, train, train.   I don’t believe we ever finish the process of “becoming.”

I am a life-long learner, a warrior for my own personal development, and now for that of others. I believe we need to bring our whole selves to our lives and our work – our masculine selves, our feminine selves, our right brain selves and our left brain selves, our creative selves and our analytical selves, our rational selves and our intuitive selves. I don’t believe that if we work as a professional o

r in business we are not creative, or that if we are artistic and creative that we cannot excel in business.

I am walking talking living breathing proof of my belief that by being fully developed humans, by owning our personal stories, and by using all of our skills and talents, we can do meaningful work that gratifies us, excel, compete, lead, connect with and serve others best.

I am now serving clients not just by solving their legal problems, but also by teaching strategies and tools they can use to reinvent their lives.

I do this through my M3 M

indset+Momentum+Manifiestation workshops and mastermind community.  I work 1:1 with qualified candidates.

If you are interested in continuing your path to self-knowledge and success, it would be an honor for me to accompany you on your journey.

Peace + Love,

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