I'M ON A mission...

To transform overwhelmed business owners into confident internet marketers by teaching them the secrets to magnetizing followers online and converting them to clients before they hop on a call or click the buy button,

to supporting you in connecting powerfully with the people you were born to serve so you have more income, impact and influence – simply by being even more of who YOU are online.

I do this through my 1-1 work with clients and my courses – What the F* Do I Say?! and the M4 Method to Grow your Business.

If you're ready to leverage digital platforms without having to sign up for yet another pricey lead gen/seo/web-dev agency who will take your money, overpromise and underdeliver (or not deliver at all),
I got you!

If you have no idea what to say or how to say it, we can fix that easy-peasy.

If you hesitate to post to social media or blog or vlog or do any of the things you know you must do to promote your business, and find yourself in an endless loop of draft-then-delete and unable to click "publish" or "send," I got just the thing.

If you dream of inspiring people to know they want to hire you before they call you or click buy, that’s totally possible, and I can show you how.

If you want to do this without turning off your “big important clients” or sounding salesy, sleazy or like your selling out — no problem, done!

I'm all about...

Showing you how you can create content that will grow your audience, your visibility, your thought leadership, your reputation and creating a pack of evangelized fans who can’t wait to pay you to help them.

Teaching you the secrets that advertisers, politicians and trial lawyers use to influence and persuade, that you’d didn’t know to ask.

Helping you access your inner confidence and find your voice so that you stand out and don’t get lost in the noise without spending the equivalent of your kid’s college tuition on ads or breaking any ethical rules.

Using storytelling-influence-persuasion tools and technology so that the people who need you can find, hire and buy from you.

Supporting you in creating work-life-business you love by bringing all of YOU to your work and how you serve.

Marketing doesn’t have to be “hard work.” And, you don’t need a bazillion followers to be able to monetize your presence in social media once you master the inner and outer marketing game.


I'm Jennifer Gardner

I transformed myself from the outspoken kid who was bullied for always saying the wrong thing, to the trial lawyer who made millions for her clients and won their freedom, through the art of storytelling and showing up authentically and vulnerably (waaaaaaay before that concept was cool).

I've been mentored by world class marketers, social media influencers and trial lawyers. I call myself a persuasion scientist because I'm obsessed with learning how WORDS can touch-move-and-inspire people to follow and buy from us. I'm called to share all I've learned with you.

Now more than ever, to not just succeed but to THRIVE in business, you need to show up powerfully and effectively online.

This skillset is critical if you want to succeed in the digital age.


ALLOW ME TO point the way

If you're a high-performer with dreams to grow your business, have greater impact, and more time and freedom to enjoy your life, I can help you become an industry influencer who quickly and organically attracts dream clients daily.

I work with a limited number of clients 1:1, so if you are interested, let’s explore if we are a good fit! Click below to book a FREE strategy session:

xo Jen

Story Strategist – Persuasion Scientist

I write. I speak. I help you tell stories that bring home the loot