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Who I Am and What I Believe

I am a life-long learner, a searcher, a seeker, a relentlessly curious person.

Never satisfied doing Just One Thing, in addition to practicing law in my own firm, I have grown a small real estate business, started start-ups, managed the careers of visual artists/filmmakers in Europe and the US, and emerged as an artist.


I have traveled the world and learned a lot along the way.

It's been a hugely rewarding, sometimes challenging, often exhilarating journey.


Still, I know what it’s like to feel dissatisfied, stressed out and overwhelmed with work, yearn for a new and different experience of aliveness, yet also not be sure

of my next step, yearn for big changes, yet not know where to start, want to make a difference, express myself fully without reservation, doing work I love, want to launch and grow a new business.


I  believe that to realize our fullest potential, we need to invest in ourselves, study and train.

I don’t believe we ever finish the process of “becoming.”


                   I am a warrior for my own personal and business development (because I believe the two go hand in hand), and now for that of others.

           I believe we need to bring our whole selves to our lives and our work – our masculine selves, our feminine selves, our right brained selves and our left brained selves, our creative selves and our analytical selves, our rational selves and our intuitive selves.


I am walking talking living breathing proof that by becoming fully developed humans, by owning our personal stories, by facing down our fears and mastering our mindset, and by using all of our skills and talents, we can do meaningful work that deeply gratifies,  we can excel, compete, lead, connect with and serve others best.


I am now serving clients not just by solving their legal problems, but also by teaching strategies and tools they can use to reinvent their business lives so that they love their work, communicate powerfully, and thrive as sovereign individuals in the 21st Century world.

I do this through workshops, 1:1 consulting, and my signature course, "Love Your Work + Amplify Your Message."


If you are interested in continuing your path to self-knowledge and success, if you are an action taker, a change maker with an inspired vision for yourself and your future, it would be an honor for me to accompany you on your next adventure.  Contact me and let's explore if we are a good fit.


Best Wishes,

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