Episode 023: Love your work with David Kadavy, Author, Podcaster, Creative Disrupter


“It’s a weird world today where if you really search for the truth, that’s the most contrarian thing you can possibly say.”~David Kadavy

David Kadavy is a Top 20 Amazon Author, the voice behind the Love Your Work podcast,  a contributor to several of my favorite publications including HuffPo, McSweeny’s Upworthy, someone I follow passionately and always learn a tremendous amount from.  He writes about topics that interest me most – creativity, productivity, maintaining focus, and perfectionism.  So it makes total sense that when I went to prepare his interview for broadcast here, I would suffer from a terrible bout of perfectionism paralysis myself, the net result of which is that it took me forever to finish this episode.

What impresses me the most about David Kadavy is how transparent he is about his struggle to do his own creative work. In fact, this very struggle is grist for his artistic mill. David has a new book about to launch called The Heart to Start all about connecting with the art inside you.

How can I not love to read a book like this.

David has plans to self-publish this on Kindle, at least the last I heard.   And he will chronical his struggle to figure that piece out, which I’m sure will become still more rivetingly honest  content for me to consume about the anxieties, struggles and triumphs of a determined creator attempting something daunting and new.

David’s next big project is his book entitled “Getting Art Done, Kill procrastination, boost your productivity, and make your masterpiece.”   This one I also can’t wait to read.  I really could have used it when preparing this episode.

So, for those of you hoping to find the heart to start your next chapter, be it a work of art, career move, business venture, relationship, whatever  …….   You must not miss this conversation because the insights we openly share will enlighten and inspire, and maybe even shine some light on new possibilities.

“Lately I am feeling a little empowered by the idea that life doesn’t have meaning and so because of that you should just do whatever you want with it and as a byproduct you end up helping people and having an impact on them.” ~David Kadavy

Listen now…


About David Kadavy

I’m David Kadavy. I’m author of Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty (which debuted in the top 20 on all of Amazon). I also host a podcast called Love Your Work (iTunes), where I’ve interviewed entrepreneurs and creators such as Jason FriedDan ArielyJames AltucherRyan HolidayLaura RoederNoah Kagan, and many more.

I used to be a product designer in Silicon Valley, but I’ve since doubled down on my love for writing, after accidentally becoming an author. My writing has been featured in ObserverThe Huffington PostInc.comQuartzMcSweeney’s Internet TendencyUpworthy, and Lifehacker. I currently do most of my writing and thought experimentation on Medium, and I’m very active on Twitter, and have a Facebook Page.

I offer a free email course to learn web design, a course to learn the principles of visual design, and an entire course about white space.

In addition to my regular Design for Hackers email list, I have a book recommendations list.

I worked with behavioral scientist Dan Ariely to reinvent Google Calendar. The company we worked on, Timeful, was bought by Google, and many of those features are now in Google Calendar.

I currently live in Medellín, Colombia, which I chose as my home base after extended stays in many places around the world. I’m originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and have also lived in San Francisco; Chicago; San Jose; Kearney, Nebraska; Ames, Iowa; and I’ve done month-or-longer stints in many other places.


Links & Resources

“I really just see [podcasting] as a way to have conversations with people around the world even if I’m not a part of that conversation.” ~David Kadavy

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I am also on the web at and you can read about my approach to practicing law.

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I recently launched my “mindset, momentum and manifestation” workshop and I am super excited to announce that I will be holding this workshop again in January, 2018.   If you are interested in learning productivity and mindset and manifestation strategies to get laser focused on what you want to create, to then to help you take the action necessary to reach your goals  – whatever they are – in 2018 and beyond, or to et on the list to learn about future opportunities,  sign up by emailing me here.

There are a limited number of seats available —  I keep the groups small because they are interactive and participatory and I want everyone to get the individualized attention they need.


Highlights from the Episode

“Whatever thoughts you’re having, there’s a bunch of other people that are having the exact same thoughts. Things are always being invented at the exact same time… we’re all working with the same source material… so there’s always these vacuums that are just waiting to explode which are created by the tension caused between the way things are right now and the way people want them to be and so you just have to be the person who listens to your voice and is brave enough to pursue it, listen to it, and see what happens.” ~David Kadavy

-The magic of podcasting and how the craft of writing or podcasting can get lost when it becomes a marketing channel — the bias of most online work these days.

-Legacy, impact and the danger of getting caught up in the fallacy that you are doing your work expressly to help other people.

-How David wants to make money off of the things that he’s doing in order to have enough money to keep doing the things that he’s doing.

-David’s process of writing Getting Art Done and how the new book, The Heart to Start, was born out of it.

-The ego in perfectionism and how David’s working on overcoming this with his crowdsourced process of editing and funding The Heart to Start.

-The importance of living and working by his own advice.

-David coaches Jennifer on the “first hour rule” about getting the most important creative work done in the first hour of your work day.

-How to connect with others and share your creative work socially when you are someone who loves to be “in your head.”

-Different types of innovators and how to know which type you might be.

-The challenge of staying present in this modern world.


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