Episode 019: Coach Carly Palady on Transformational Stories, Impact and Influence, and Mapping Your Joy

“Don’t let the busy-ness get in the way of capturing the story… you don’t know if you have tomorrow.~Carly Palady

In a time of heaviness around recent events in Charlottesville and Barcelona, this interview with Carly Palady is offered as a healing balm of light, inspiration and uplifting energy.

Teacher, therapist, coach, consultant and former Alaskan tour bus driver – Carly is helping other visionaries leverage their gifts and talents in online programs and businesses so they can get their message out into the world in a way that feels transformational and impactful.

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I wake up every day going, ‘Is this my life? Are these the people I’m working with?’ because they’re all so transformational… I don’t even feel like it’s work… it’s like little chutes of light and positivity going out and effecting people in all different ways.” ~Carly Palady

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Highlights from the Episode

Mapping your ideas into a protocol so that you can leverage your gifts and talents to help others in a joyful way.

The winding start of Carly’s career path from landscape gardening in her small hometown to making coffee and singing jazz to creating art to leading hikes through REI to teaching English in Chile and Argentina to running bus tours in the wilds of Alaska.

“You get to know your passengers really well when they’re stuck with you for 4 days touring the Yukon. So they would tell their stories and it became this traveling story bus… and the biggest theme in these stories was regret.”

The existential sacrifice of uprooting your life to chase a dream amidst unknown risk during the Gold Rush when less than 10% of seekers ever found gold

Carly’s continued journey into cognitive behavioral therapy, volunteering for Americorps, getting a masters degree in social work, mental health work with youth, mental health therapy through the federal government, program development for universities, and launching her own coaching practice in 2017.

Why the stories of our childhood are important in that they imprint on us for better or worse.

“Their stories come from a broken place or a whole place, but their regrets are the stories they DIDN’T take.”

The importance of looking at the process, how did that experience impact you, why and what did it teach you — when you weave those teaching experiences together, you’re left with a way to inspire and impact other people because  you’ve had these experiences that no one else has had.

“There are so many people who live in this stagnancy, this in between, this day by day paycheck to paycheck feeling of… I don’t like my life… and its a disconnection at the core level of what they’re supposed to do.”

Ask yourself: Who am I? What have I experienced? What do I have to give to the world? What do I have to teach? This creates a purpose and then you’re paying it forward and you start a chain reaction of positive influence.

“So many people think to be anything I have to be Tony Robbins or Oprah… you just have to open your heart and your home in some form to others.”

Creative ways to pay it forward to random strangers.

The 2 biggest challenges Carly has had to overcome (1) Navigating cerebral palsy in her legs, bullying she endured and her anger as a result, and (2) Leveraging her story of her short-term learning disability Temporal Fading Memory, which renders her unable to learn by reading, by becoming a master of creating strategies and mapping systems.

“If you have a disability of any form, it’s not a part of you that’s broken — it’s a part of you that’s mapped differently. And it’s figuring out how to follow that map…”

How striving for perfection is a path to failure because we are all mapped differently and ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist

Why Carly is most of her relationships with faith and family.

Carly’s definition of success — getting to a place where we openly accept who we have been, who we weren’t, moving forward with the knowledge that we’re going to make the best of our lives in service of others and the to betterment of the communities around us.

“The world deserves people’s messages and stories because we deserve to be connected and we can only do that if we’re focused on what we’re creating.”

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To get the inside scoop on the upcoming Seattle workshop with Jennifer and Carly on marketing, messaging, persuasion and influence, email and you’ll be the first to know details.

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