Episode 017: Actor, Producer, Writer, Director Paul Jerome on Collaboration and Taking the Leap

“I always felt like I wasn’t JUST an actor, but my passion for acting kept me going because I was just so happy whenever I was doing it… but when the option of stretching yourself and taking that leap was presented… I just jumped.” ~Paul Jerome

Jennifer Gardner interviews actor, writer, producer, director Paul Jerome.

Paul Jerome is an actor and producer, known for Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World(2005), Bean (2008) and Attraction (2000). He is also the co-producer, co-writer, co-director of the award-winning comedy web series THE BIG DICK MIKE SHOW.

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“A lot of times it wasn’t about getting paid — it was about collaboration.” ~Paul Jerome on his series and YouTube projects

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Highlights from the Episode

Paul and Jennifer on natural chemistry and how they connected

Knowing he’s wanted to be an actor from a young age – how acting chose him

How his career has been made playing dark characters including mass murderers even though he’s a kind, peace loving person in real life

“What would cause someone to do horrible things — it’s an interest in humanity to me.”

How the award-winning web series The Big Dick Mike Show was conceived and produced in the early days of reality TV and YouTube.

“It came out of both of us being very frustrated with the amount or quality of work that we were getting as actors and we just decided that we wanted to take our careers into our own hands — have more control and just sort of determine our fate.”

The concept behind B-Boy Bear, a comedy short formerly on YouTube.

“We spent all this money and built this platform to show all this content that we had done, but at the same time YouTube was exploding and we said, “this just isn’t going to work.”

Making the rounds with the festival circuit including the LA Web Fest and the Web Fest in Marseilles, featuring The Big Dick Mike Show, and forming strong bonds within the community.

“You’re getting there and you’re so excited just to have been invited to this party… to get to that moment where they’re announcing the Grand Jury Prize and you hear your show’s name… we REALLY did not expect to win.”

Upcoming collaborations & the necessity of wearing numerous hats in the current acting industry

Where Paul’s confidence comes from and how he handles self-limiting beliefs when they come up

Finding his tribe in drama club as a transformational experience in his life

What excites Paul about the future and how he defines success

“It’s not defined by money and anything else. It’s about me being able to, pretty consistently my whole adult life… do what I love… and to be able to be proud of my body of work.” ~Paul Jerome

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