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Episode 016: Keef Ward on Art, Activism, Currency & Connection – Art With Teeth

“I’ve realized that every piece of art that I put out there, every song, every album, every lyric — it has something to do with bravery."~Emily Ann Peterson

Jennifer Gardner interviews musician, singer, songwriter, speaker, author, educator and host of the Bare Naked Bravery podcast,  Emily Ann Peterson.

Emily Ann Peterson spent 17 years with her cello. It was her second voice until she was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological hand tremor. It was then she knew she would need to be brave. Refusing to resign to fate and genetics, she expanded her skills to include songwriting. This act of neurological defiance broke through her creative glass ceiling and then swept her up in the expansive limits.

Her podcast, Bare Naked Bravery, features conversations with everyday heros and creative entrepreneurs about the quiet successes and loud failures required to do the brave things for which we know and love them.

Emily Ann's mission is inspire a global resonance and magnanimous community through the marriage of art and whole-person development.

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"We all have sh*t hits the fan moments and sometimes you’re sitting there facing the fan and you can just feel the sh*t hitting you in the face." ~Emily Ann Peterson

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Highlights from the Episode

The story of how Emily Ann was diagnosed with an essential tremor in her right hand at the age of 27, which ended her career as a full-time concert cellist and cello teacher.

"My entire livelihood was dependent upon this piece of wood that now sounded different." ~Cellist Emily Ann Peterson on being diagnosed with an essential tremor 

Emily Ann's grieving process and the slow realization that she was being called to be brave, which led to writing her book and the creation of Bare Naked Bravery podcast.

The meaning of resiliency in Emily Ann's life and work.

The magic of working creatively within constraints, including inspiration from the process of Jack White of The White Stripes.

The difference between fear and overwhelm, including the crisis of choosing toothpaste when there is an overwhelming amount of options!

“The unknown is actually not terrifying. It’s the enormity of how much is unknown that makes you not know what to do about it." ~Emily Ann Peterson

The "sticky pickle" that relationships and partnerships can become unless you can creatively use your resources and constraints.

How Emily Ann's challenges with self-image plus her dad's background in marketing has helped her learn how to help other artists with self-promotion, image and overcoming blocks.

The structure of Emily Ann's business and online courses like 6 Weeks of Demystifying Creativity & the Bravery Behind It.

The importance of listening more than you are creating -- so that you know WHAT to create.

"My life looks the way it does because I'm listening to my constraints." ~Emily Ann Peterson

Benefits of being and working with multi-talented, multi-passionate artist in business to help you go in new and different directions.

Why Emily Ann started Bare Naked Bravery podcast in order to share the stories of her guests' bravery far and wide so that we can fuel the fire of our own bravery.

"When we are creative and when we are courageous, our life can become what we want it to be — or even bigger than we ever dreamed it could be." ~Emily Ann Peterson

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