Episode 014: 3 Practical Strategies for Dealing With Imperfect Perfectionistic Tendencies

"I find that I'm the most alive when I'm riding the fear wave... turning the tips of my skis straight down the fall line and going for it. It's a lot easier than resisting." ~Jennifer Gardner, on facing fear

As a follow-up to Episode 011 on My Struggle with Perfectionism, I did some research and reflection on practical strategies for dealing with this very common tendency that can stop us from doing just about everything.

Here is what I came up with:

  1. Get out of your head.
    Mindset, meditation, and the value of sleeping on it, without over thinking.

    "When a bad thought comes up, whether I'm meditating or not, I acknowledge it and then I tell it 'Thank you,' and 'Please go away.'" ~Jennifer Gardner, on mindset and meditation

  2. Face your fear and do it anyway.
    Mitch Jackson (Episode 003) interviews Seth Godin in this video. Here's a quote:

    "The safest thing to do is to play it risky, to stand up, to ask questions, to lead, to connect, and to make art." ~Seth Godin

  3. No regrets! Lin Eleoff talks about how her definition of success is living a life with no regrets in Episode 013.

"If I'm constantly obsessed with being perfect all the time... I'll be sitting on the bench or sitting on the fence or sitting on my @ss instead of being in the game, and I don't want to sit there! I want to play the game. Full out." ~Jennifer Gardner, on missing the moment

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