Episode 011: My Struggle With Perfectionism

"I came down with a strong case of 'someday syndrome' -- someday I'll finish this project or that project and then I'll put it out in the world, but 'someday' never came because I was waiting for it to be perfect." ~Jennifer Gardner

I've been practicing law for a very long time in a market that is very competitive and I compete.

Somehow, somewhere along the line, I got the idea that it did not matter what I did, how hard I worked, how much I learned, that I would never be good enough. What is strange about this idea is how it persists even though, by all objective measurements, I've been pretty successful.

"There seems to be a disconnect between all this good stuff and how I feel about work." ~Jennifer Gardner on professional success


Hear more about...

The drive for perfectionism and how it shows up in Jennifer's life as difficulty delegating, taking on too much and the need for practicing the art of saying "no."

How this level of intensity effects more than just work -- but also personal and creative life.

How Jennifer showed her photography all over the world and then stopped showing and almost stopped making it all together because it didn't feel "good enough."

Jennifer's practice of releasing perfectionism when it comes to producing RoamHowl -- and how the positive feedback from listeners brings a sense of joy and accomplishment despite any imperfections.

A challenge for YOU to be imperfect, stand in your fear, take the leap and see what magic happens.

"By doing this project, I feel satisfied in a way that I haven't felt satisfied creatively in a really long time. And I think part of that is the joy I feel in creating something positive and releasing it into the world without it being all perfect!" ~Jennifer Gardner, on making RoamHowl


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