Episode 006: Paul Loya, Paul Loya Gallery on Art & Business

“You can curate a room like this and have this kind of power of somebody?… from that point on I was like, “I want to put together art shows and change people’s lives.” – Paul Loya, on seeing Basquiat’s work in college

Episode 006: Paul Loya, Gallery Owner on Art & Business

In this episode, Jennifer interviews Paul Loya of Paul Loya Gallery in Culver City, Los Angeles, CA.

About Paul Loya Gallery

Exhibiting emerging and established contemporary artists, in a unique gallery setting. Paul Loya Gallery sets a blank canvas for each of the exhibiting artists to create his or her own creative environment that best compliments their work. Giving the viewer a complete experience of the artist’s vision. We want to provide a space to embrace a community for artist, collectors, friends and supporters to have events and gatherings both casual and formal.

I’ll always look at work because I know how much it takes for an artist to put themselves out there — for them to constantly go out there and hustle and to put their work out there for people to basically reject all the time. ~Paul Loya

Highlights from this Episode         

3:50 The mission of Paul Loya Gallery: to provide blank canvas for beginning to mid-career conceptual artists to do whatever they want. Erik Foss was one of first art shows 

5:15 How brick & mortar galleries can stay competitive with online web shops by providing an interactive experience and how independent online sales can help an artist get sales but may hurt their career long-term

7:00 How they use the web to promote the gallery, especially email newsletters and Instagram 

8:05 How Jennifer discovered the gallery and fell in love with Russell Nachman’s exhibit

10:00 How Paul respects the vulnerability of artists to continue to put themselves & their work out there to potentially be rejected over and over again 

14:20 Paul’s start in the art department of a tiny bible college in California

15:50 When Paul discovered he wanted to be a gallery owner and curator inspired by an epiphany over Basquiat’s work

18:15 Paul’s career trajectory working his way up the ranks in the art gallery world from New York Center for Art & Media Studies to a how he helped curate on the Rodney King case 18th Street Art Center to Peter Fetterman Gallery, though he had no interest whatsoever in photography at time.

24:47 The genesis of the business plan for launching his own gallery

28:15 A day in the life of Paul Loya as a gallery owner

31:00 Paul’s biggest challenge in his work — maintaining optimism!

Just drive forward and just keep on moving. Things will always work itself out, that’s what I always tell myself… you’re gonna make it! Just continually tell yourself that. ~Paul Loya

33:30 The importance of relationship building for business and for personal fulfillment through buying and selling art

36:00 If Paul could time travel…

37:10 Advice for someone starting out on their career path…

Believe in yourself and trust your gut. Don’t let anybody else try to steer you in another direction… you can do whatever you want and it’s going to give you the most happiness. ~Paul Loya

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Connect with Paul and Paul Loya Gallery

Paul Loya Gallery Website



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