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My name is Jennifer B. Gardner and I help (4)




 YOU ARE PROBABLY READING THIS BECAUSE you want to grow your business and you are a heart-centered lawyer or service professional.  


IF SO, you need strategies and tools to help you communicate powerfully in digital media so that the people who need you can find you.   


If you want to stand out from the competition, build a thriving business where you make an impact serving people who need you, you must be visible online.  


Actually, you need to be more than simply "visible."  You need to stand out from the rest of the noise. 


Like it or not, these days most people are searching for professional help online, and word-of-mouth marketing isn't cutting it like it used to.  Your ability to generate referrals is increasingly dependent on your ability to do two things:

  •  leverage technology so that the people who need you can find you; and,                                                                                                    
  • communicate a strong brand message that will clearly convey who you are and who you serve in a way that resonates emotionally with others. 


You must learn how to make a human connection with more potential clients on social platforms if you want your business to survive.   


For most of you, this requires a whole new skill set, but one you can easily learn.  You need only master some tactics and frameworks and strategies for communicating persuasively in digital media.  


You can GET BUSINESS using social media and leveraging online platforms - even if you don't have thousands of followers - IF  you know how.  




If we work together you will:


  • See the "big picture" of the online marketing landscape so that you can create and execute a smart marketing plan, and banish to your junk folder all the spammers who show up in your inbox every day with overpriced SEO-lead gen-local search offers,


  • Discover the little known digital marketer secrets of how to "engage" with people in social media so that they know-like-trust and want to hire you, without having to meet them in person, 


  • Effortlessly build new relationships with potential referral sources and nurture existing ones,


  • Create a compelling brand story that aligns with your mission,  vision and values so that you easily magnetize your ideal clients to you,


  • Master time and money-saving strategies so that you start attracting the clients you want to work with in 30 minutes or less a day,


  • Feel relieved from finally knowing what to say and how to say it by using proven formulas and frameworks for your social media posts that are designed to position you as an expert in your field,


  • Obliterate subconscious beliefs that have stopped from achieving your business goals,


  • Accelerate your ability to manifest your dream lifestyle and business through powerful mindset and visualization techniques.


You don't have to spend all your time or thousands of dollars to build your business, serve more people, make more money and have the life, freedom and impact you deserve.  


I only work with high-performing, heart centered, service-driven lawyers and professionals who are action takers, resourceful
and decisively committed to creating the business of their dreams.


Are you that person?
and let's explore if we are a fit.





A 5-hour, jam-packed business planning extravaganza where we will work on your brand, your mindset, your marketing plan  – held via ZOOM or in a luxurious location here in LA, where we will dream large and brainstorm even bigger.  I will teach you powerful manifestation and visualization techniques to help you create the business and lifestyle of your dreams, plus we will custom-design an action plan you can start executing immediately so you begin to skyrocket your referrals.



We work together 1:1 for an intense
90-minute video or phone
This is perfect for when you need to brainstorm,
problem solve, remove blocks,
get clarity for your brand and your goals, and create a killer marketing plan.



I offer packages of 4
1-hour strategy sessions.
These hours may be consumed
on an hourly basis,
or “on demand”
as needed via phone,
video chat, Voxer,
email support, or any combination
of the above.




 My Signature Course +
Group Coaching Program

The M4 Method to 10X your Referrals
is designed to help you master your messaging and mindset, learn the mechanics you need to market yourself on line, and teach you how to magnetize your ideal clients so that you get more momentum for your business.  It is a 6 week course
combined with mindset support, accountability, and community to                           keep you on track and ensure your success.